Assessment Structure

Our assessment is conducted and led by: Award Management and administration; the country and regional level management and administration in charge of overseeing this process.

Award Jury; composed of world leading experts in the field from various industries and countries.

Framework For Assessment

There is a common framework of assessment so that the innovation performance can be compared on a global basis and meaningful benchmarking studies can be carried out. On the other hand, we as hosting organisation are granted the flexibility to conduct and lead with credibility this assessment process and come up with a winner in the most appropriate way.


The country /region winners will compete globally at the Global MIKE.


The results of MENA MIKE will be announced in December each year and an award presentation ceremony will be organized whenever possible in any convenient event or Knowledge Management and innovation conferences held closest to December each year.

The results will be announced on the MENA MIKE web-site, all its social media platforms and on the platforms of its Co-organisers and media partners.