Our Approach

The new driver in Knowledge Management now is how innovative enterprises are operating in our continually changing world.

The Purpose of MIKE Award is to serve as a global diagnosis tool for improving innovations in enterprises and for international benchmarking.


Teleos based in London, in association with the Know Network, established the Global most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) research program in 1998. A number of countries, regional and national MAKE Award has witnessed a progressive and mature knowledge management growth, which led to the success of many companies and organisations worldwide.

Upon his retirement, Mr. Rory Chase, the Managing Director of Teleos, announced the successful completion of this Global MAKE Award in 2017.

The Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award is built on the original MAKE framework taken to a new dimension, through Awards as announced by Mr Chase in December 2017. The name has changed because we want to showcase both innovation and existing knowledge.

The Process

The MIKE Awards are based on the original Global MAKE study. The MAKE assessment methodology will be continuously and substantially revised in the coming years.

Thus, the new MIKE assessment methodology will be updated to reflect the growing dynamism of today’s innovative knowledge-based enterprises.

Once the Award dates are closed, an international team will build upon the MAKE framework adding a new dimension to the Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise MIKE Awards.