Annual Forum 2019

The Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum jointly organised by KMIRC and Arup on April 25th, 2019 was a highly successful event.

Themed “Knowledge Technology Leading To Innovation”, the forum invited renowned experts to deliver keynote speeches on innovation. Representatives from corporations in Hong Kong, mainland China and other parts of Asia shared their successful experiences in innovation. Attracting more than 120 participants, the forum is one of the biggest knowledge management (KM) events held in Hong Kong in recent years.

The inaugural Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony was also held on the same day.

It was a pleasure for Align Management Solutions’ CEO Eng. Grace Najjar to be part of this event and being the founder of MENA Mike Award, present the award to the Faculty of Science -Saint Joseph University #USJ represented by the dean Professor Richard Maroun.

The regional assessors and the Global Mike Study Group, recognised the faculty as MIKE Award Winner for its outstanding practices in Knowledge Management and Innovation.

Photos of the Forum:


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